Precision Irrigation System

Based On Accumulated Solar Radiation

Studies have shown that the amount of solar energy received by plants is highly correlated with the amount of evapotranspiration. Aeon Matrix’s brand new Yardian Max multifunctional smart controller — in combination with Apogee’s solar sensor (pyranometer) and the unique Conditional Program — provides a solution for precise irrigation based on accumulated solar radiation.

An energy threshold (the amount of light accumulation desirable between irrigations) and a watering duration should be specified for each zone so that your irrigation system automatically adapts to any changes in weather and achieves automated irrigation.

Users can easily specify these parameters based on the local sunlight condition, irrigation systems, and crop-growing stage through a web browser or smartphone app.

Traditional Irrigation

Irrigation System Based On Accumulated Solar Radiation

Overwatering can lead to root oxygen deprivation
Frequent but small watering sessions help maintain good root aeration and increase photosynthesis efficiency and yield.
Inaccurate water quantity in manual irrigation
Automatic adjustment of watering frequency based on light accumulation values to avoid human judgment errors
It requires manpower and time to be physically present on-site for irrigation.
  • Easy setup
  • Easy maintenance with 4 years warranty
  • Fully automated irrigation can be controlled and scheduled remotely
There is no record of the irrigation process

Record the daily data of light sensors and watering history, which can be utilized for future analysis

Precision Irrigation based on Solar Accumulation promotes root development

Irrigation base on human jugement
Irrigation base on Solar Accumulation

Unique Features

Quality Guaranteed

Our controller and solar sensor both come with 4-year warranties. The system operates locally without relying on an internet connection. Data is encrypted and saved locally. Remote control and monitoring is possible when an internet network connection is available.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer a variety of scheduling options, including: Instant Watering (single/multiple stations) to activate stations immediately, Manual Program to activate stations based on set dates and times, and Conditional Program to work with the solar sensor to calculate the accumulated solar energy – the amount of sunlight received. When the set energy threshold is reached, the station is activated for a set watering duration. The flexible scheduling design allows for the regulation of the watering durations for different energy thresholds set for different times of the day.

Easy to Operate

The interface is simple and easy to operate. Different Conditional Programs can be set according to the growth stage of crops. When the growth stage changes, the station can be moved to the corresponding Conditional Program. There is also real-time information for each station, making it easy to keep track of the execution status of the field at any time.

What Is Included

Yardian Max
Apogee Pyranometer

Fully Automated Labor-Saving Planting Results

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